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Rita M. Singer

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Rita M. Singer

Health and Fitness Expert Speaks at The Glenridge About ‘The Connection Between Nutrition and Our Brain’

Rita M. Singer

Rita M. Singer Presents as Part of Educational Series

Rita M. Singer, a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist, recently spoke at The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch as part of The Art of Flourishing: An Educational Series.

Singer addressed how nutrition impacts the aging brain and helps with disease prevention during her presentation titled “Food for Thought: Understanding the Connection Between Nutrition and Our Brain.” Approximately 200 people attended the event, which was held at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center.

Integrating health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle, Singer founded RED Dietitians to promote the ways in which physical activity and proper nutrition can create an optimal state of well-being. She helps people lead healthy lifestyles by teaching nutrition, not dieting, for long-term weight management. Singer has a degree in dietetics from Virginia Tech and interned in the Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiac Prevention Unit. Her other areas of expertise include diabetes, heart health, workplace wellness, cooking, food sensitivities and specific dietary needs.

“Rita did a fantastic job showing how eating well, exercising and managing stress can influence physical, mental and emotional health,” said Lisa Snyder, Director of Life Planning at The Glenridge. “Those are all things that align with our mission to create an active, life-fulfilling community that supports the well-being of our members.”