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Riding the Legacy Trail

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Riding the Legacy Trail

Riding the Legacy Trail

For Glenridge members who want to ramp up their fitness levels — and take in the beauty of nature at the same time — the nearby Sarasota-to-Venice Legacy Trail offers the best of both worlds.

One of the cyclists is Allan Miller, who has a special connection to the route he travels at least twice a week. After moving from Fort Myers to Sarasota in 2004, the county commission appointed him to a bike committee that tackled the trail’s land acquisition, design, construction and financing. Now, he gets to enjoy the finished product. “I bike for around two hours at a time – about 12 miles”, he says. “It’s good for my breathing. My doctors say ‘keep riding, Allan’, so I do.”

Along the 10-mile trail, Allan has come across all sorts of wildlife, including alligators, deer, the elusive Florida scrub jay… even a gopher tortoise or two. But he and riding companion Kristin Collevechio were surprised when five baby otters recently darted in front of their path.

“You see all sorts of animals”, adds Allan. “Riding the trail south, you have no traffic and never have to worry about cars. It’s wonderful to commune with nature and breathe the fresh air.”