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Fitness Takes Center Court

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Fitness Takes Center Court

Fitness Takes Center Court

Dick Fleming will be the first to admit his tennis game isn’t what it was 40 years ago. But he’s still pretty light on his feet… and his mean baseline forehand has been known to extend a rally or two.

“I’m only 5-foot-7”, Dick says, “so I need to be fast to stay in the game and make my contribution. I’m not one of those tall guys who can stay at the net and never move around.”

Each Monday and Wednesday morning, Dick and his friends play doubles on one of The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch’s two HAR-TRU® courts. “We really enjoy the green clay surface”, he says. “It’s easier on your legs than concrete or asphalt.”

In addition to tennis, Dick supplements his workout routine with a brisk 1.25-mile walk on the Fitness Center treadmill. And when the weather cools down a bit, he plans to squeeze in one more tennis match each week. “The companionship at The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch carries over from fitness activities to every aspect of life”, Dick says. “Whatever drives you, you’re sure to find other people who share the same passions.”